Pest Control Brantford


We’ve been doing effective Pest Control in the Brantford area for over 10 years.

Pest Control Brantford

Effective pest control and extermination means prompt, efficient, services that do the job quickly and are priced right. 

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Bugs Or Us Pestcontrol is a professional Pest Control and Extermination company, that has been serviceing the Brantford and Cambridge area for many years.

We get rid of animals, and take care of termites, insects, flies, wasps.

Pest Control Brantford

We also exterminate rodents and humanly remove animals such as squirrels, and racoons for your house and attic.

Pest Control Brantford

In Brantford recently there have been significant problems with termites which we can deal with before they damage your house.

Bugs Or Us Pest Control is a licensed and insured Pest Control and Extermination company so you can rest easy that we are professional and you are protected by the services we conduct.

Whether it’s bird removal, bats, rodents, termites, bugs, animals or even bed bugs you can be assured that we know how to deal with it safely, and proessionally.

For Pest Control Brantford call Bugs Or Us Pest Control at 519 716-6701